Favorite Finds

January 6, 2017
As 2016 became 2017, it was a time for reflection, wrap-ups, changes and predictions for the new year.
  • When the chili is too spicy…Wendy’s is getting reactions both hot as a patty fresh off the grill and cold as a frosty to its new Twitter “attitude,” as it appears to have given its social media team carte blanche to tweet whatever they want – likely to appeal to a new audience who appreciate the sass and edginess of accounts like DiGiorno and Old Spice. But recent activity poses the question: how much freedom is too much for a corporate Twitter account?
  • Sound of silence: Facebook, which launched auto-play (and auto-muted) video at the end of 2013, has now launched an automatic video subtitle captioning tool. Powered by voice recognition software, it takes the hassle out of transcription while making it easy to edit the subtitles it suggests.
  • Personal foul; unnecessary PR roughness? During the second half of the Eagle’s recent 17-13 win over the Dallas Cowboys, Eagles staffers ejected a Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer from the press box and the stadium after he and an Eagles media relations rep argued over how loudly other reporters were talking in the press box. The question of which party crossed the line is under further review.
  • Trends for the trending: Impress your coworkers, boss, family, friends and strangers by capitalizing on these branding trends for 2017. This article is NOT fake news.