Warmer Weather Brings Hotter Stories

May 12, 2017
Slowly but surely, the weather is warming here in Chicago. And as we anxiously await summer’s official arrival, a few news stories and trending topics caught our eye this week.

  • More Unicorns Anyone? We may be feeling a little unicorn’ed out and are still coming down from a sip of Starbuck’s tangy Frappuccino, but the mythical craze continues to blanket our news feeds. Whether it’s the pink and blue hues of Pearl Bath Bombs that promise to blanket water with glitter or this Social Media Today infographic that details the 10 best online marketing strategies to make you a unicorn, we’re left wondering when the next fad will take over.
  • Top This – With aesthetics designed to mirror that of traditional roofs, Tesla’s new solar roof tiles are starting to turn heads. Techies and environmentalists aren’t the only ones taking note though. Homeowners can now use the company’s online tool to estimate the solar roof’s costs and savings, based on their roof’s square footage. There may be a few more hurdles on the horizon, but one thing is for sure…this is one breakthrough for the solar-energy industry worth watching.
  • Feeling sleepy? If so, actor Chris Evans will read you a bed time story. The actor is the latest to make an appearance on BBC’s CBeebies Bed Time Stories, where he read a story from Shelly Becker and Eda Kaban’s Even Superheroes Have Bad Days — something Evans, who plays Captain America in the Marvel movies, may know a thing or two about. Geared towards helping children cope with negative emotions, the tale is both empowering and comforting. It’s just one more example of how celebrities and social media can come together for a common cause.
  • To Infinity & Beyond – No longer set to self-destruct after one view, Snaps now have the power to live longer and loop – characteristics that closely resemble what Instagram gives its users. And while this is just one step closer for the platform to more closely compete with its social counterparts, some say that Snapchat still has quite a bit of catching up to do. A recent Captiv8 study showed that 57 percent of social influencers are still posting more on Instagram than Snapchat. However, die-hard Snapchatters are staying loyal and experimenting with all the changes.
  • Just When You Thought It Was Over – When you’re back from celebrating all the mothers or mom-like-figures in your life this weekend, be sure to check out the latest in the box office. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” reviews are reporting that the movie lists as many post-credit scenes as actual Guardians of the Galaxy. We won’t spoil anything about the five extra scenes; however, some report them to be tantalizing with significance to Guardians’ and Marvel’s future stories.

Cheers to a bright and sunny weekend!