Selfies, Surprises and Social Media Strategies

June 23, 2017
This past week officially kicked off the summer season and the Internet was abuzz with hot topics. Here are my favorite finds from this week:
  • Improve Your Selfie Game– In honor or National Selfie Day this week, a new study revealed people respond more favorably to selfie images where the subjects had adopted one specific pose. Namely, they had tilted their head at a 15 degree angle and to the right. Apparently, it’s all about the angles.
  • A Surprise Gift For You! – Now that I have your attention, did you know that nearly half of recipients (47 percent) open an email based purely on the subject line? It’s just as important as the actual content, acting as its own mini-marketing campaign. Here are 9 tips for better email headlines.
  • Rebrand Refresh – A brand update isn’t just a marketing initiative—it’s a company-wide effort that should involve every department from HR to engineering to finance. PR Daily offers these strategies for successful rebranding campaigns.
  • Instagram Success – Successful Instagram marketing is more than just posting a perfect shot. Here are four power tips that can launch your efforts on the visual app.
  • Lead Generation – Looking to market to a specific generation on social media? An infographic from Webpage FXexplains where Generation Z, millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers spend their time online.
  • Writing Wisdom – Writing is a key component of a successful public relations campaign. PR Daily offers these seven tips to help improve your copy.