The Future of Journalism in Chicago

November 9, 2017
It’s no secret that the state of journalism has changed over the years. And as traditional news rooms evolve into multimedia companies, it seemed only fitting for the Publicity Club of Chicago to call on representatives from some of the city’s top publications to get their point of view and talk about what the future holds. LCWA attended in the organization’s November luncheon to join in the conversation and hear what they had to say.
Below are a few highlights from the panelists:
  • FACTS STILL RULE! Journalists at The Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times and The Chicago Tribune agree that maintaining professional journalism standards is nothing new. If anything, there is more pressure than ever to name sources and remain transparent. Staff size may be smaller, but journalists may still be willing to connect face-to-face (although all agree email is preferred!) for the right story and the facts.
  • REACHING YOUNGER READERS IS IMPERATIVE – Nearly all media are facing declining advertising revenues. The folding of outlets such as only further validates the need to develop niche products that attract new audiences. Media companies realize that the way consumers are consuming news is constantly changing and new ways to drive scale, such as with video or events, may be needed. 
  • THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ENDLESS – Newsrooms are no longer filled with just editor desks or photography rooms. Mindsets are shifting, new ideas are brewing and perspectives are changing with new leadership and a blend of veteran and junior staff. However, John Lampinen, Senior Vice President and Editor of the Daily Herald, may have said it best when he stated that he hopes people will one day come back to printed newspapers, as they serve as a respite in today’s always-on, mobile society.

This writer and college journalism major couldn’t agree more. Here’s hoping professional journalism remains balanced and fair while it finds a happy medium between the digital and print worlds.