Award Spotlight: Boise Paper “Dare 2 Compare” Campaign

July 10, 2018

The Boise Paper “Dare 2 Compare” campaign was created to help Boise Paper dispel the

myths surrounding the quality of recycled paper and educate business professionals on why they should be using a mix of recycled and non-recycled paper through a variety of social media and digital marketingtactics. Tactics included holding a video contest, generating influencer-based content, launching a LinkedIn quotes campaign, distributing press and MAT releases, engaging with social media content and more.

Prior to the campaign, secondary research showed that 46 percent of paper buyers believed that non-recycled paper had a higher-quality than recycled paper, and 52 percent of paper buyers said that appearance is a deciding factor when it comes to buying paper. In response to these findings, LCWA set out to prove that thanks to technological advances and rigorous production standards, todays recycled papers – like Boise ASPEN® – feature the same hardworking characteristics and brightness as paper made without recycled content. 

To accomplish our goal, LCWA kicked off the “Dare 2 Compare” campaign with a “Why

Recycled Paper?” Video Contest, where entrants were asked to create a short video explaining why they choose recycled paper over non-recycled paper, while encouraging others also to do so. In conjunction with the video contest, we worked with eight online workplace influencers to promote the premium qualities of Boise ASPEN® papers and conduct side-by-side tests of recycled and non-recycled varieties. Through the user-generated content from the video contest and influencer program, we strategically utilized third-party quotes throughout a three-month long LinkedIn campaign. The quotes were brought to life with bold visuals and attention-grabbing copy.

To broaden our reach even further, we delivered our messages through a targeted press and MAT release. The materials explained why small businesses should use a mix of recycled and non-recycled paper in their offices. Additionally, LCWA distributed a pair of e-blasts directed toward office decision makers. To drive sales, we deployed search/display

ads targeting office managers and small business owners.

Rounding out the “Dare 2 Compare” campaign, LCWA produced ongoing social media content, using #Dare2Compare. This social content continuously supported and communicated the “Dare 2 Compare” messages across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In the end, the “Dare 2 Compare” campaign exceeded all of our objectives. We were able to boost total impressions and social engagements over 2016 metrics, achieve a high open rate for the e-blasts and surpass the industry standard average click through rate for the search/display ads. Ultimately, this campaign set Boise Paper apart from competitors and highlighted the high quality of today’s recycled paper!
The Boise Paper “Dare 2 Compare” social media campaign won a Golden Trumpet from the Publicity Club of Chicago in the category of Social Media and an Award of Excellence from the Public Relations Society of America’s Skyline Awards in the category of Integrated Communications – Business to Business.