Catapulting Content to Consumers: DAP RapidFuse Out with the Old, In with the Glue Campaign

July 31, 2018

A broken coffee cup. A loose earring stone. Or even a thrift store upcycling project. These

are just a few examples of how DAP’s RapidFuseAll Purpose Adhesive can bond nearly everything to anything, for both fixing broken items and creating special projects. In order to communicate this functionality to consumers, the LCWA home PR team designed the Out with the Old, In with the Glue campaign to inspire and educate them on ways to use this handy adhesive with real-life project examples.

First, we tapped DIY influencer and creative upcycler Dinah Wulf of the popular blog DIY Inspired to develop the content–relatable, shareable RapidFuse project ideas. Dinah developed two blogs posts and videos to demonstrate “fix” and “create” uses: 

Next, a multi-pronged distribution plan amplified the content to consumers:

  • On Social Channels: Dinah and DAP shared all content across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Plus Dinah hosted a Facebook Live during which

    she conducted live project demonstrations and engaged participants;

  • Through editorial content with a DIY-focused MAT release (that earned above-average placements) touting the easy DIY projects and a 3-project editor mailing that delivered quick and easy projects for editors to test the product;
  • And across digital platforms with paid content discovery, extending the reach of the content even further.   

Overall, the Out with the Old, In with the Glue campaign delivered 138MM+ impressions and 10k+ engagements across traditional and digital platforms. The right influencer partnership can be an efficient spend when leveraged in multiple ways to creatively deliver brand key messages, project ideas and usage tips with high quality photos and video.