Socially-inspired Brand Evolutions

August 24, 2018

In the era of digital dominance and social influence, brands that don’t redefine their core values or re-strategize PR and marketing efforts will fall behind. Here are my favorite finds this week of how some brands are reinventing themselves:
Wild Animals Roam Free – After 116 years of imprisonment, the iconic Barnum’s Animals uncaged its animal crackers – and it’s a huge hit on social media. After pressure from the animal rights organization PETA, the classic Nabisco snack rolled out a redesign of its packaging that historically featured animals behind bars. Now, the box shows the animals asserting their freedom on the savannah!
Death of the Department Store – Nordstrom continues to innovate by becoming not just a brick-and-mortar, but a digital, engagement-focused company. In its latest venture, Nordstrom has brought several Instagram-famous brands, most recently Lively, to its stores with pop-up shops and mini stores. Business Insider thinks Nordstrom could survive the retail war against e-commerce.
Social Travel – When it comes to vacation, more than one-third of millennials say that posting great vaca pics is just as important as the actual experience. Even more, 37% say the ability to post beautiful images and videos influences their travel destination and 43% won’t go on holiday with being able to check in on Facebook. Millennials are living the Insta-life!
Guide to Identifying Influencers – With the fast-growing number of social influencers, every company is navigating how to make influencer marketing work for their brand – and ensure they are getting the bang for their buck. Forbes offers tips to help vet social influencers and determine their actual social clout before signing on the dotted line.
Sesame Street Social Cred – In a viral YouTube video, Bert and Ernie parody The Fresh Prince of Bel-air theme song to tell the story of how they became best friends and roommates – and it’s fantastic! Sesame Street residents are certainly putting a new spin on the much-loved children’s show. The clip comes after Oscar the Grouch fired back at Big Bird on Twitterlast month.