Bloggers Take on Speed Cleaning With the Rejuvenate Click n Clean

August 28, 2018

With so many home products on the market, consumers continue to turn to bloggers to find the best products. During the past couple of months, the Rejuvenate home PR team worked with bloggers to coordinate a campaign to show how the Rejuvenate Click n Clean can clean any floor surface in the home – and fast.

To reach our target audience of parents, homeowners and savvy spenders, we searched for lifestyle bloggers who often incorporated cleaning or home content into their posts. All of the bloggers we chose to test the Click n Clean generated positive content. Many highlighted how they could clean their floors with ease, especially when compared to using a mop and bucket!

Tile, laminate, wood and even grout were put to the test and the Click n Clean had the ability to clean them all. The bloggers provided readers with great content from unboxing photosto before and after shots! The grout cleaner stood out to many of the bloggers, who noted how simple it made cleaning those hard to reach spots. Overall the blogger program crushed our goal of 20 placements and 300,000 impressions, ending with 64 blog and social media placements and 1,206,356 total impressions! This campaign was a clean sweep!