Satellite Media Tour – A Tried-and-True Method to Delivering Meaningful Results

October 15, 2018

When it comes to generating high-quality results that matter to your clients, a satellite media tour (SMT) remains an effective public relations tactic. However, the approach to a SMT is different than it was just a few years ago. Today, it is important to employ a paid-earned-shared-owned model to maximize results and drive reach across television, radio and the Internet.

Here are a few additional tips to executing a successful media tour:
  • Maximize the assets available to you. TV and digital are both visual mediums. Good

    video helps tell your story and reduces the amount of time a producer is left with just a talking head. Good, compelling video – even if it is outtakes from a commercial or b-roll from an instructional video – will get your story aired and supplement a spokesperson’s script.

  • Identify opportunities with co-op satellite media tours.Stand-alone TV tours exclusive to just one brand may not fit within every campaign budget. However, that is no reason to shy away from television. A co-op satellite media tour typically features three to five brands that a spokesperson presents together under one umbrella theme. From syndicated interviews across key markets to in-depth segments that can be amplified across brand’s social channels with minimal paid support, a co-op media tour allows brands to share production costs while still elevating their presence during key seasonal time pegs such as back-to-school, holiday entertaining or even spring-cleaning.
  • Settle on three to four key messages. Producers are tight on time and interviews run the risk of being cut short. To maintain brand integrity, identify the top three to four key messages you want a spokesperson to focus on. Be sure to work with your spokesperson in advance to ensure their comfort level with the messages and outline a script to help deliver product attributes in a clear and concise manner.

Regardless of which SMT approach you take, the advantages are many. Media remain hungry for content. If you’re looking for a creative way to bring your product(s) to life and desire meaningful results, let the LCWA public relations help.