Rejuvenate TV Tour Takes the Click n Clean Message to the Masses

November 15, 2018
Recently, LCWA’s home PR team participated in a back-to-school co-op media tour for the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System. Hosted by TV host and lifestyle expert Ereka Vetrini, the tour featured top products that help moms survive the hectic school year. Leveraging the company’s existing commercial video, Vetrini spoke about the mop’s maneuverability, touting its ability to speed clean any flooring surface for a whole-home clean. What’s more, Vetrini spoke with TV anchors about ways the Click n Clean saves moms money and is environmentally friendly with its microfiber cleaning pads that can be rewashed up to 400 times.
The media tour reached more than 102.1 million people with 376 airings in key markets. “The Daily Flash” and “Newswatch”shows syndicated interviews just in time to support a product promotion and end cap display with partner The Home Depot.