LCWA Explains Pulmonary Fibrosis through Dynamic Video

March 26, 2019

Multi-media storytelling is a compelling method for delivering brand messages, especially for lesser-known, complex topics like pulmonary fibrosis (PF). LCWA recently launched a short, engaging video for the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation as part of an awareness-driving campaign to educate more patients and caregivers about the symptoms, risks and prevalence of PF, a progressive lung disease.

LCWA designed the video to deliver core key messages in a vibrant, visual method, using dynamic text and animation. Even more, this video was budget-friendly to make—no video shoot necessary.
Video tips to keep in mind:
  • Short form keeps attention. Overall length of 30-seconds or less and concise copy ensures messages are memorable.
  • Visual cues support or even repeat the messages and make them relatable. 
  • Music selection sets the tone and keeps the pace of the video flowing, BUT make sure the visuals can stand-alone without music for those who have devices muted

Ensuring the content is viewed is another important piece of the campaign strategy, which includes a distribution plan on social channels, as well as paid digital platforms. Creative content paired with a thoughtful distribution can help tell your story and better reach your audiences.