Global Experience, Creative Ideas

May 22, 2019
Last week I attended the 50th meeting of the Public Relations Global Network in the Netherlands. With more than 40 agencies represented from around the globe, the conference provided enhanced international perspective and a chance to brainstorm for our clients. Highlights included:
  • Reaching Generation Z: Our keynote speaker, René Boender, gave a spirited presentation that encouraged looking beyond the next months or years to help our clients plan for a rapidly approaching and unrecognizable future. He also helped us understand the perspective of the “five-screen” generation and how they will get their info in years to come.
  • Digital Dominance:We heard about digital marketing best practices from our partner firm in London, Spider. The “digital first” mantra has taken hold at LCWA, and across the world, as we all look for the most efficient and effective ways to reach audiences.
In addition to these great learning opportunities, I enjoyed the personal time I got to spend with my colleagues from around the globe. I look forward to seeing all of them again soon!