America Commemorates Daylight Saving Time with Sleep

November 26, 2019
The end of daylight saving time on Nov. 3 offered a natural opportunity to prioritize sleep and remind Americans about the importance of healthy sleep year-round. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) conducted a survey regarding how adults would use the extra hour.
Survey results found that 41% of adults indicated that they would fall back to sleep. “Sleep” was the top response, followed by spending the extra hour with friends and family (13%) and enjoying a relaxing activity (13%). Another 6% plan to do housework and run errands, and 5% plan to catch up on work or studies.
LCWA and AASM shared these results with media and the importance of taking that time to reflect on your own sleep habits – and make changes as necessary.
The end of daylight saving time survey results were highlighted in numerous outlets, including NBC News, The Boston Globe, HealthDayand WebMD. Overall, this outreach increased awareness of healthy sleep nationwide and earned more than 23 million impressions.