First Alert Safety Tips Top-of-Mind this Season

March 3, 2022

First Alert, the most trusted brand in fire safety, has been a long-time client of LCWA. Year-round, we work hard to provide relevant fire and carbon monoxide safety tips to national and local media to keep home safety top of mind.

Our work is more crucial right now than ever, as the winter is statistically the deadliest time for home fires and CO poisoning incidents – which is why the First Alert team has been busy sharing tried-and-true home safety tips in recent months:

  • Fire and CO Alarms. Correct smoke and CO alarm placement, regular maintenance and alarm replacement are essential parts of a comprehensive fire safety plan. Once alarms are installed on every level and in every bedroom, test them regularly, change the batteries every six months if battery-powered and be sure all alarms have a battery backup if hardwired. If you can’t think of when you last installed your smoke alarms, chances are, it’s time to replace them.
  • Know the symptoms of CO poisoning. Known as the “silent killer,” CO is responsible for hundreds of deaths every year. Winter is an especially dangerous time, due to the use of gas-powered furnaces as well as risky alternative heating sources like portage generators and camp stoves during power outages It’s important to recognize the symptoms of CO poisoning as they can be easily confused with the common cold and include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, chest pain and vomiting. If CO poisoning is suspected, consult a health care professional right away.
  • Have an escape plan. Installing smoke and CO alarms is step one but knowing what to do when they go off is vital to your home safety plan. Identify two exits out of each room, including windows and doors, and set a dedicated meeting spot outside. Once outside, stay outside and call 911. Be sure to practice your escape plan with your entire family at least twice a year.

From mentions in fire safety stories on KHQ-TV in Spokane, Wash. and in the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville, Fla., to inclusion in a Yahoo! Lifestyle article about the best kitchen fire extinguishers, these efforts have kept First Alert’s home safety tips and product information in the news in recent months.