Favorite Finds

September 21, 2012

Never a dull moment in the Twitterverse, here are a few of our favorite stories we found and shared via @LCWATeamthis week!

  • Let’s Get Visual: Infographics are all the rage – learn 7 steps to create an awesome one.  
  • For Your Review: Don’t trust every social media review you see – experts estimate 10-15% may be fake by 2014.
  • Too Classy? An awesome example of a social media campaign that “thinks outside the box” – Grey Poupon is gaining social kred for their “Exclusive Test.”
  • Pin That Press Release: Since Pinterest is so integrated into our communication, it only makes sense that we start using the channel for press releases too!  
  • #WordNerdAlert: As communicators, we love spelling, grammar and fun words