Favorite Finds

September 6, 2013
What do PR people do? There are common misconceptions we all hear from friends and family. One thing we will be doing is spicing up our strategies for the new season. Those – plus some big Facebook changes – are included in my favorite finds this week.
  • The science behind crisis hashtags. A tweet with hashtags gets more engagement – which means properly using hashtags during a crisis is essential for messaging.
  • So, what exactly do you do again? As we know, misconceptions run rampant about PR and the people in the industry. How many of these have you heard before?
  • A big year for change at Facebook. Let’s take a look at the major changesFacebook has instituted in 2013.
  • Microsoft steps up to Apple and Samsung. Looking to mix-it-up in the global smartphone market, Microsoft purchased Nokia’s mobile business for $5 billion.  
  • Pumpkin-flavored PR. As fall approaches, it’s a good time to rethink strategiesfor the new season.