In the Mix…Join the “POD Squad”

August 4, 2014
We are helping our client First Alert hold a fun summer sweepstakes on Facebook to celebrate its new Safety POD, which promotes personal safety for multiple lifestyles! The Safety POD (Protection on Demand) is a hand-held device that features a two-way alarm, an LED light and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but loud enough (100 decibels) to help deter potential theft or intrusion. This device is great to use as a panic alarm, a door alarm (for hotel rooms or dorm rooms) or as a travel alarm for luggage, brief cases and purses. To raise awareness, First Alert is giving away 100 Safety PODs, helping 100 lucky winners to join the “POD Squad” so they can stay safe this summer and beyond – and become brand and product ambassadors in the process. To enter the “POD Squad” sweepstakes, visit the First Alert Facebook page. (Stay tuned for “POD Squad” members sharing their experiences with the Safety POD!)