Favorite Finds

June 5, 2015
This week the Twitterverse offered lots of insight into who is on social media and how it’s affecting our behavior. Here are some of my favorite finds:

  • Streaming is Changing Cultural Consumption – Music-streaming services such as Pandora are getting users to check out other genres they may not otherwise have been exposed to. Spotify listeners, for example, are exposed to an average of one new artist each day. A recent New York Times article discusses how these services are blurring the boundaries between music genres. 
  • Chicago Cubs’ First-rate Fans– Beyond the baseball field, Chicago Cubs fans rank number one in cheering on their favorite team on Twitter and Instagram. 
  • The Social Numbers – A new report offers insight into how demographics effect social media habits. While we all know that younger generations dominate the digitalverse, you may be surprised at the number of Americans aged 55 and older using networks such as Facebook and Pinterest.
  • The Faces of Business Get Linked– The number of CEOs using social media (80 percent) has more than doubled since 2010 – and LinkedIn is their network of choice. Twenty-two percent of CEOs reported using LinkedIn, while none of them reported using Facebook.
  • Prepare Your Wallets, Shopaholics! – E-commerce gets another boost from social media. This week, Pinterest introduced “buyable pins,” which include a “Buy It” button next to the usual “Pin It” button, offering consumers less clicks to finalize their purchase. Now, more Pinterest users may actually complete all those DIY projects!