Favorite Finds

July 10, 2015
Is social media good or bad for us? Is it good for society? Is it good for the economy?
Social Media Today tackled these questions this week with a fresh, thoughtful list of pros (“unprecedented access to information”) and cons (“serious repercussions on productivity.”) It’s definitely worth a read.
Speaking of good and bad, Facebook this week unveiled smart new ways to make your news feed better by allowing you to select which friends and pages you would like to see at the top of your feed. Watch this short video to learn how to prioritize stories, and make sure you don’t miss posts from your best friends and favorite pages.
In more Facebook news, the social network’s 1.4 billion active users may need to strain to see a subtle new design change. But in the battle for gender equality, Facebook’s
new Friends icon makes a big statement. While the previous look had a more diminutive woman standing behind her man, look closely, the new Friends icon now shows the woman in front of the man, and the two silhouettes are of equal size. 
Quiz: Name the classic play that opens with “If music be the food of live, play on. (Hint: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.) Clearly the Bard had a knack for catchy ledes, and writers today can still learn a thing or two about capturing reader interest from the very start. Thanks PR Daily for recognizing the power of the classics and posting 14 of Shakespeare’s most captivating openers.
Borrowing again from Shakespeare, I leave you with the final line in his play Julius Caesar, “And Let’s Away, to Part the Glories of This Happy Day.” Have a great weekend everyone!