Favorite Finds

December 23, 2015
It’s a short work week for many – if not most – American workers. But the twittersphere doesn’t slow down for anyone! Here are some of my favorite finds from the penultimate week of the year!
  • Mashablehas created a 90-second montage of the year’s news in review. It’s not been an easy year, quite clearly, but December ends on more of a high note. Thanks, Star Wars.
  • These mobile marketing statistics are supposed to move us to action. Some of the data is seemingly out-of-date, but nonetheless there are some eye-opening numbers. Case in point, according to Dynatrace, 74 percent of mobile users will only wait five seconds or less for a webpage to load!
  • A new study shows that the majority of executives say PR and communications teams – not marketing departments – are best suited to handle social media channels for their companies, an increase over a similar study conducted two years ago. Collaboration and integrated messaging are key in my book!
  • The musical “Hamilton” has generated more than 1 million tweets this year! We are so excited for its planned extended run in Chicago!
Happy Holidays to all!