Boise Paper Sweepstakes Looks Brilliant with 2017 Resolutions

March 16, 2017
The Boise Paper “Make Your Bright Ideas Look Brilliant” campaign is building awareness for the bright, high-quality Boise POLARIS® Premium paper line. To complement this campaign as well as drive customers to purchase Boise POLARIS Premium paper, LCWA held an online sweepstakes asking consumers how they would “look brilliant” at work and beyond in 2017. As expected, this question generated a lot of insightful and powerful answers about what it means to look brilliant.

The “Look Brilliant” Sweepstakes offered a first place prize of a $250 Office Depot gift card and was promoted on Boise Paper’s main social channels of Facebookand Twitter.  The Sweepstakes was very successful, scoring more than 7.4K entries in three weeks. After the Sweepstakes, LCWA created a short video to capture the great office tips provided by the entrants. Some of the best tips include: dress for success, surround yourself with a great support system and create an efficient and organized workspace.
We love developing exciting and helpful social content for our resident “office life” expert, Boise Paper. Stay tuned for more great programs throughout the year!