Identifying Key Influencers for PR Campaigns

May 3, 2017
Working with the media is as old as the hills in the PR world, but the online influencer landscape has changed significantly in the past few years.

Through diligent searching, outreach and relationship building, my colleagues and I have built a database of YouTubers, Instagrammers and others whose reach is wide and influence significant. But the tides shift quickly – new people join the scene and others fade from view. Tracking these personalities – some may say sensations – can be time-consuming, but some new tools are helping make the process of researching and sorting the thousands of possibilities more efficient.

PR pros are in an endless pursuit of finding great contacts on behalf of their clients. It’s an increasingly crowded space where those with great influence maybe didn’t hone their craft in journalism school but are important to our campaign because of the number of followers on Instagram or views on YouTube.  It will, of course, be interesting to follow this evolution.
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