Finding Humor in Daily Office Life with Boise Paper

May 2, 2017
Whether it’s a boss that drones on and on with nothing but clichés, equipment that doesn’t work, or constant interruptions while on a conference call, office life is full of daily frustrations. While these challenges are enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure – could they also be an unlikely source of humor?

We certainly thought so, and with our client Boise Paper, we produced a comedic video series as part of Boise Paper’s “Make Your Bright Ideas Look Brilliant” campaign, meant to build awareness for the bright, high-quality Boise POLARIS® premium office paper line. For these videos, we also wanted to create a friendly, relatable persona for the brand. 

With four common office scenarios in mind, LCWA swung into action by drafting scripts, casting actors, coordinating a film crew and scouting locations. And while many commercial video shoots take months of preparation, LCWA was able to rely on our previous production experience, trusted relationships with producers and editors, and ties to Chicago’s artistic community to deliver final, polished videos in a month’s timeframe.

As for going viral – since posting the videos in March, the videos have received nearly 30,000 views on Boise Paper’s YouTube channel and 100,000 views on Facebook,and counting!

So without further ado, grab some popcorn and join the thousands of people that have laughed along as Boise Paper demonstrates how to “look brilliant” at the office, no matter what comes your way!