LCWA Takes First Alert CES Media Coverage to the Next Level

February 25, 2019
We can finally feel our feet after CES…aka The World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show (show…show…show, is there an echo in here?). But joking aside, LCWA pulled out all stops to ensure that First Alert was recognized on this global stage of innovation for taking safety and security in connected home technology to the next level. This year, First Alert launched a new Wi-Fi Mesh solution that will actually be built into the Onelink Safe & Sound, as well as a smart doorbell—aptly named the Onelink Bell—that integrates with the Onelink system enabling users to answer the door from the smoke alarm. The future, my friends, the future.  

Even with thought-leading products, a multi-faceted pitching approach, from pre-show pitching to post-show follow-ups, was essential to delivering top results. The LCWA team delivered over one billion impressions in key tech and consumer media outlets as a result of strategic and persistent media relations efforts.

A few tips to make the most of media at the show: 

  • Invite them: Leverage any lists of pre-registered media you can get your hands on to reach out before the show to set-up meeting times and let media contacts know where to find your booth. And don’t be shy about asking your priority targets if they’ll be attending, even if they aren’t on the list.
  • Greet them: Keep an eye out for media tags at your booth and make sure the whole team knows who the media contact is.
  • Go to them: Attend at least one of the media showcase events. These are dedicated to media and help focus the attention on a few brands instead of the daunting group spread out throughout the show. Plus there are food and drinks!

CES is the trade show of all trade shows and showcasing your tech products there is important, but making sure to capitalize on every opportunity is also key to maximizing the investment.