AASM Sheds Light on Binge-Watching

December 17, 2019
A new survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) found that U.S. adults rank sleep as their second most important priority, following family. However, data show that Americans are often limiting their opportunities to get enough healthy sleep. A primary culprit of sleep restriction? Binge-watching. In the AASM survey, a whopping 88% of U.S. adults admitted they had lost sleep due to staying up late to watch multiple episodes of a TV show or streaming series – and this number jumps to 95% when looking at 18-44-year-olds.
To drive awareness of this issue, we worked with AASM to craft and distribute a press release on the findings and conducted media outreach. Additionally, LCWA also coordinated distribution of a feature release to increase awareness in communities nationwide.
These findings on what binge-watching does to sleep secured coverage with several national outlets, including: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Philadelphia Inquirer, MSN, Southern Living, Medscape, New Hampshire Union Leader, Thrive Global, WebMDand Yahoo! Lifestyle. Conversation continued on local television and radio stations across the country, including: KMSP-TV (Minneapolis), KTVU-TV (San Francisco), KUSA-TV(Denver), KYKY-FM (St. Louis, Mo.), WLS-TV(Chicago) and KTHV-TV (Little Rock, Ark.). Overall, initiatives to highlight the impact binge-watching has on our sleep earned more than 372.3 million impressions.