Back-to-School Means Back to Sleep with Third Annual Student Sleep Health Week

October 25, 2022

This back-to-school season, LCWA helped client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) drive awareness about the importance of healthy sleep for youth and adolescents through the third annual Student Sleep Health Week (Sept. 12-18, 2022). The nationwide observance amplified critical messaging surrounding student sleep health, powered by expert spokespeople, student influencers and partner organizations.

We grabbed media attention for the week by talking about the “TikTok Tired” generation. The 2022 AASM Sleep Prioritization Survey showed 93% of Gen Z has lost sleep due to staying up past their bedtime to use social media. National coverage of the “TikTok Tired’ statistic and back-to-school sleeping tips appeared on the TODAY Show along with a live online interview broadcast on NBC News Now. These two stories generated nearly 200 national and syndicated placements generating 19,832,326 impressions. Placements also appeared online and in print in newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, Miami Herald and Baltimore Sun, and many more.

Social media events drove audience engagement during the week, including a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), where a panel of experts on the AASM Public Awareness Advisory Committee answered questions about healthy student sleep. And a partnership with influencer Tanu Tripathi (@yourstudentsupport) reached adolescents with posts on TikTok and Instagram. A Sweepstakes also encouraged students to engage with AASM content and post sleep tips for a chance to win an iPad Mini and Apple Pencil.

Overall the campaign achieved more than 500 million impressions to get the word out about the importance of sleep for students of all ages. We look forward to the fourth annual Student Sleep Health Week in 2023!