The Power of Sponsored Content  

May 17, 2023

While earned media is the bread and butter of public relations, sponsored content can also expand a client’s reach and garner valuable guaranteed exposure in front of specific audiences. To reach deck builders, remodelers, general contractors and DIYers interested in value-adding home improvement projects, we recently coordinated two sponsored content campaigns for our client, Trex® RainEscape™. This innovative deck drainage system allows contractors and homeowners to maximize outdoor living space by diverting rain and snow melt away from an elevated deck to keep the space underneath dry and usable.

A major benefit of sponsored content is that it affords total control over messaging. And, unlike traditional advertising where space is limited, sponsored content allows our team to tell a more complete and more compelling story. For Trex RainEscape, we chose to collaborate with Fine Homebuilding magazine due to its audience mix of building professionals and avid DIYers, along with its track record as an organic traffic driver for the Trex brand and products.

We worked with the editorial staff to develop and place an article titled “Protect and Optimize Outdoor Space with One Simple Solution.” Throughout the piece we were able to focus on the benefits of the Trex RainEscape system, while driving readers to our client’s website and YouTube channel via trackable links. Additionally, as part of the paid package, we received banner ads where we were able to highlight other products and generate additional traffic and clicks.

We also worked with The Journal of Light Construction (JLC) to promote Trex RainEscape via a dedicated e-blast to its subscriber base of more than 15,000 contractors, remodelers and deck builders. Using this approach, we were able to target these important audiences during the critical buying season for outdoor living projects while reminding them of the benefits of the system for their clients and their business. Here, again, we were able to include trackable links to

For a product like Trex RainEscape, which is not new but still relevant to the market, sponsored content has proven an effective tool for reaching core audiences with controlled messaging. While it doesn’t replace earned media in our programs, we use it as a strategic supplement to gain visibility, build trust and drive quantifiable leads.