Influential Media Coverage for Monte Nido & Affiliates Research

September 12, 2023

This spring, our client, Monte Nido & Affiliates, one of the leading eating disorder treatment providers in the country, published a groundbreaking research paper showing the effectiveness of integrating trauma treatment with evidenced-based eating disorder treatments in residential programs.

Eating disorders (ED) are estimated to affect over 28.8 million Americans at some point in their lives, and many have co-occurring illnesses such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The conventional thinking in the ED field has been that it’s best to refrain from trauma work while in intensive treatment settings. However, this research tells us that concurrent treatments can effectively be delivered during the same treatment course.

As a result of media outreach surrounding this research, our team secured stories in Psychology Today and Psychiatric Times, two esteemed medical publications that educate individuals in the psychiatry profession.

We are proud to help Monte Nido & Affiliates share these important findings, with the hope that this research may lead to more effective and integrated treatment approaches.