DAP’s Innovative Approach to Spray Texture Application Garners Media Spotlight

October 31, 2023

Wall and ceiling spray texture application has traditionally been a frustrating, inefficient and messy experience for professionals and DIYers alike. This year, DAP, a leader in the home improvement and construction products industry and the #1 brand in wall repair, reinvented wall and ceiling spray texture in function, formula, and finish with the launch of new product line that delivers a fast-drying, excellent texture match for maximum coverage and professional results. 

The new spray texture line, consisting of 2in1 Wall & Ceiling for Orange Peel, Knockdown, and Popcorn textures, started gaining excitement among trade media when we previewed it at the International Builder’s Show earlier this year. To promote the launch, our LCWA team strategically selected trade media outlets to distribute samples of the new product line. Through these mailers and additional, targeted media outreach, our team secured prominent coverage from HBS Dealer, Contractor Supply, World Aerosols, The Hardware Connection, ForConstructionPros.com, Walls & Ceilings and more.

Between the wire release and earned media coverage, DAP’s Spray Texture launch has earned over 227 million impressions – and counting!