In the Mix…Tweeting with the Wall Street Journal

July 24, 2013
Dr. Badr
Aiming to educate connected patients in 140 characters or less, we recently secured an opportunity for our client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. The organization’s president, Dr. Safwan Badr, participated in a national discussion on sleep via Twitter hosted by the Wall Street Journal’s health team. Joined by sleep physicians from the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Badr emphasized the importance of talking with your doctor if you’re experiencing sleep problems – answering such questions as “What can go wrong with our bodies if we don’t get enough sleep?” and “Is there such a thing as ‘catching up’ on sleep?”  The hour-long event garnered mentions, retweets and new followers for the AASM’s Twitter handle and, more importantly, educated people about the dangers of sleep illness. For a full recap of the discussion, search #SleepChat on Twitter.