Eureka Twitter Party Generates More than 12.6K Posts

January 11, 2016
LCWA built social buzz for the Eureka Brushroll Clean, the latest vacuum from LCWA client Eureka with a Twitter party for a key demographic for the vacuum – pet owners. The Eureka Brushroll Clean #PetCleaningUntangled Twitter party brought together Eureka, 14 bloggers and more than 600 participants to discuss cleaning methods and why the Brushroll Clean is the perfect cleaning tool for pet owners.

After a week of LCWA-coordinated promotion, party participants published more than 12,600 tweets using #PetCleaningUntangled during the hour long party for an estimated 23.3 million Twitter impressions. Followers re-shared tweets from Eureka with key product messages more than 3,700 times.

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