Will You Dare 2 Compare Your Paper Choice?

October 8, 2019
Do you know what brand of paper your office uses? Is it recycled paper? If you’re not sure, you’re likely not alone. LCWA launched Boise Paper’s Dare 2 Compare influencer campaign with the goal of driving awareness for Boise® ASPEN® Recycled papers.

Boise ASPEN has a number of differentiators, including a 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee and its status as America’s Top Selling Recycled Paper Brand. To show off these attributes and encourage business-focused audiences to make the switch to Boise ASPEN, four influencers first tried the paper and then created engaging, informative content for their followers. The results? Influencers love ASPEN:
  • “I’ve been using Boise® ASPEN® Recycled Copy papers proudly, which is made with recycled content that is consistent with Boise Paper’s high quality standards and hardworking characteristics.” – The Mogul Mom
  • “Now I realize the importance of measuring all of those factors plus the cost. That’s why I like using Boise® ASPEN® Recycled Copy paper, because they have a great 99.99% Jam-Free® Performance Guarantee!” – Naturally Stellar
  • “I use paper a LOT – for presentation handouts, sales proposals, marketing strategies, client work and so much more! Boise Paper is a brand that understands that we have deadlines to meet, people to impress, and work to do. All of their products add up to Quality You Can Trust™.” – The Motivated Millennial
  • “When you can get that kind of quality, and be doing your part to help the environment, is there any real choice?  When you take the #Dare2Compare challenge, we’re betting you, too, will become a Boise ASPEN fan!” – Ms. Career Girl

The campaign generated more than 290,000 impressions for the Boise ASPEN brand. Next time you need to buy a ream of paper, will you Dare 2 Compare?