Making Marketing Magic for B2B Clients

February 25, 2020
Creating noteworthy thought leadership pieces for business-to-business clients is an essential part of putting your client at the forefront of meaningful conversations. Content pieces like case studies, research surveys, white papers or insight reports are all great ways to position clients as a leader in any given industry. But what to do after content creation is done? Marketing that content is what really takes a program from good to great. Here are some ways that PR and marketing pros can get the information out to a wider audience and make some marketing magic.
  • A new landing page: Create a new landing page for your content. This allows you to add context to the information and position it specifically for target audiences. It also establishes a link to use as a call-to-action for your ongoing communications.
  • Social advertising: Amplify the new content through social ads – especially LinkedIn. Social ads can be targeted very specifically, so you will be able to hone in on the exact people who you want to see your content. As a primarily business platform, LinkedIn is a perfect option to further market your materials. 
  • Email marketing blasts: Market directly to industry professionals by creating and distributing emails that publicize your client’s content and directs users to your link. Eblasts go right into the inbox of your target audience and are a great way to build some buzz.
  • Digital adsUtilize digital banner ads that appear to consumers based on their recent search activity. Target your intended audience based on interest to get your information in front of the right eyes.
  • Partnerships: Consider partnering with an industry association or influencer to get the content in front of a wider audience. These types of groups often have great advertising and marketing options and are a great way to really make an impact with your new content.
  • Print and deliver: Sometimes it’s best to distribute information the old-fashioned way! Print out great articles and provide them to your sales team to hand-out in meetings or mail them to customers. Seeing your thought-leadership will reinforce your expertise and remind them of all the great things you do!