Celebrating the Decision to #ChooseSleep with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

January 3, 2019

Recently, LCWA’s healthcare PR team a completed a campaign to help our client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) promote the sleep medicine profession and emphasize sleep medicine fellowship training programs. The #ChooseSleep campaign ran during the time when doctors who have completed a medical residency were going through the fellowship matching process, with an emphasis on choosing a sleep fellowship training program.

First, LCWA created social media content using #ChooseSleep, starting with the opening of sleep fellowship rankings, when future fellows ranked which medical schools they preferred, through Match Day. These future sleep fellows going through the Match process were given access to resources, reminders of notable dates and key messagesabout the benefits of a sleep fellowship and a career in the field.

Next, LCWA partnered with current sleep fellow and AASM member Dr. Brandon Seay as he hosted a “Facebook Live” on the AASM page. Future sleep fellows learned what to expect during the remaining steps of the Match process and what they can look forward to in the next stage of their careers

To further encouraging the use of and engagement with #ChooseSleep, LCWA then conducted a #ChooseSleep hashtag sweepstakeson Twitter, which incorporated the trending #FellowMatch and #MatchDay hashtags. Participants, with help from Dr. Seay, celebrated the hard work of future sleep fellows, the benefits of a sleep medicine career and the importance of sleep medicine.

Finally, to reach medical and pre-med students directly at the resources they use to help make career decisions, LCWA secured an upcoming byline from AASM member Dr. Khurshid on the site Prospective Doctor, and placed an eye-catching digital banner ad on Life of a Med Student.

Overall, the two-month program achieved more than 103,500 impressions and nearly 1,600 engagements Facebook and Twitter, and 140,000 online impressions on medical student resources.

The above initiatives maximized conversations and built buzz around the Match process and Match
Day – recognizing the upcoming group of sleep fellows, and engaging with the sleep medicine community and the public. We look forward to continuing helping AASM push the sleep medicine profession forward in 2019!