Chefs Highlight Delicious, Sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock

January 18, 2022

Late last year, LCWA partnered with the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) and restaurants in the Chicago area to raise awareness about the sustainable Wild Alaska Pollock – a fresh-tasting, delicious and mild whitefish.

Did you know that a fish can only be classified as “Wild Alaska Pollock” if caught in Alaska’s pristine, icy waters? Wild Alaska Pollock is low-fat, protein-rich, heart-healthy and high in vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids. It is one of the most climate-friendly proteins, and a much more carbon-friendly protein choice than beef, chicken, pork and even plant-based options.

Chefs Get Creative with Wild Alaska Pollock

LCWA coordinated partnerships with the following eight Chicago restaurants to help demonstrate the delicious versatility of Wild Alaska Pollock:

From Seafood Gumbo at Slightly Toasted to Poached Wild Alaska Pollock at Hyatt Lodge, chefs really showed their creativity with different dishes. The Bouillabaisse dish from Oaken Bistro, Wild Alaska Pollock al Cartoccio from Formento’s and the Beer Battered Wild Alaska Pollock Tacos from Barcocina also won raves from customers.

Influencers Celebrate Dishes

LCWA worked with several area influencers to encourage trial of these delectable menu items. Each influencer shared their experiences with Wild Alaska Pollock via Instagram posts and stories. Some sample posts include these from @chifoodi, @lettherebefood_, @vansventures and @chicagopescetarian.

TV Segment Drives Awareness

To close out the partnership on a high note, LCWA booked a segment on ABC 7 Chicago that educated the public about Wild Alaska Pollock. Chef David Schwartz of the well-known Fulton Market restaurant, Formento’s, outlined his Seafood Risotto creation while highlighting the benefits of cooking with Wild Alaska Pollock around the holidays.