Why and How to Include Video as Part of Your PR Strategy

January 11, 2022

Video is continuing to grow in popularity and importance and is a highly effective form of content – in fact, it was estimated that the average person would spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos in 2021.

This provides an opportunity for our clients because the barriers to entry are low, the appetite for video of all types continues to grow, platform options are endless and video yields great results. If you’re not already recommending video as part of your PR strategy, keep reading to learn how to effectively implement a video program for your clients.

Trends: What’s working in video today?

Viewers are drawn to authentic content from brands. User-generated content is popular with consumers because they see everyday users of products as authentic and trustworthy sources. Live streaming has taken off over the last year as remote-work became the norm and events had to adapt. Finally, we’re seeing 360-degree video and interactive video really start to trend with even streaming services release these types of movies and tv shows.

The length of your video matters. Make sure to tailor your video depending on the platform you are sharing the video to as viewer habits differ. That said, no matter the run-time, topic or platform – try to convey your message within the first 15-30 seconds to hook your audience.

It’s important to time the launch of your video to go along with the time most people are already online and ready to consumer content. Right now, trends show videos that are dropped on Wednesday’s between 7 am and noon have the best success rate.

Distribution: How do we get eyes on our video?

Owned assets are an easy, cost-effective and important place to start distributing your video. Post the video to your client’s website, include it in e-newsletters, post it on your blog, and of course across your social channels.

Put some paid support behind the video on social media in the form of sponsored posts or even ad campaigns. This is a great strategy because you will have full control to adjust your budget on the fly, target specific audiences and provide detailed analytics so you can see how your video is performing and adjust as needed.

There are also a variety of paid distribution tactics you can take advantage of including native video advertising, search ads, pre-roll ads, sponsored content and general media distribution services.

Tactics: How do we execute a video campaign?

When you’re ready to produce your video you have to decide whether to do it yourself, work with a freelancer or partner with a professional video production service.

When you’re trying to decide your course of action, make sure to consider your timeline, personal skill, current assets and materials available, and finally, budget.

There are an endless number of platforms out there now that can help you easily create a video by yourself or find a budget-friendly freelancer. On the other hand, working with a video production company can run you anywhere from $4,000 to $200,000 and would depend on the scope of work, run-time, deadlines and video type.

Your options are endless when it comes to video production and promotion. Keep these tips and tools in mind and a video campaign will help elevate your overall PR strategy to the next level.